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CSNO 2020 Casino Awards

CSNO Awards 2020
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Every year, we give out the CSNO awards – in honour of the world’s best online casinos.

We accept nothing less than the very best, and these awards are a great way for you to see which casinos really shine, and are worth your time!

We give out awards across 5 categories, with a Gold and Silver price awarded for each category. Our awards season takes place between September-December annually, with winners being announced by the end of December. The awards give you, as a player, a chance to know exactly where to get your gaming on in the next year – for an exciting, award-winning casino experience!

What would you like to do?

Nominate a casino

If you play at, or even work for one of the casino’s we’ve featured at CSNO, then this is your place to get nominating your favourite casinos! Find the right category and nominate the casino or game in the area you feel it’s really excellent in. We’ll shortlist five nominees for the final awards.

Vote for a casino

Online casino fans, or fans of a specific game? It’s time to have your say – this is what matters most! It’s up to you to decide who wins overall, so cast your vote! Nominees with the most votes will be awarded Gold and Silver, and you can vote without even needing to sign up – all it takes is a couple of clicks!

I want to see the winners

You’ve been waiting patiently for almost a year to see who’s made the list and come out on top – and here’s your chance! Check out last year’s winners, or find out this year’s winners here.

What are the CSNO Awards?

  • We hold a public vote for you, the players, to decide which casinos deserve our top awards (your vote always counts – this is an entirely player-led process)
  • Only the casinos we’ve reviewed and recommended can be nominated – so any casinos we don’t feel are good enough won’t be up for nomination!
  • We do the hard work, seeing all of the casino and game’s feedback, think deeper about why they’ve been nominated, and why players love them so much.

CSNO’s Awards 2020 – a Timeline

  • 30 November 2020 – Casino operator nominations will close
  • 2-10 December 2020 – Users will be able to vote for nominated casinos
  • 16 December 2020 – We will announce the 2020 winner/s of the CSNO Awards!