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Who We Are

Our CSNO team is composed of some of the most highly skilled professionals online – we have a combined 100+ years of experience between us!

From graphic designers to editors, to quality rating professionals and more, we have a range of professional backgrounds, experience and certifications. We’ve been a part of every single aspect of the online casino gaming experience too, giving you everything you need to form your own opinions thanks to our in-depth, unbiased and honest casino reviews.

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Why You Should Trust CSNO

CSNO prides itself on our commitment to our players – see ‘Our Values’, below, for more information. We would never recommend a casino to you unless we 100% believe it upholds each of these values (and how). We go to the extreme lengths that nobody else does – even having several of our team members try out each casino we recommend, as well as ones we don’t recommend (check out our casino blacklist for details of these).

We’re well aware that there’s a lot of choice of ‘quality’ casino reviews sites, so we’re grateful that you’ve chosen ours to commence your online casino journey. We take your custom very seriously, bringing you only the best, most informed and well-researched reviews online.

We know we’re nothing without you, our players, as well as that no two casinos are alike (despite how they may look, or even if they offer the same bonuses!), and we strive to give you the respect you deserve to choose the right casino for you.

Our Values


Unfortunately, not every online casino is as committed to honesty as we are. This is why we strive to provide you with all of the details we discover when we check out an online casino – from the good, to the bad, to the downright confusing.

Our in-depth reviews give you a play by play of the entire sign up process, so you know exactly what to expect. We also go deep into describing exactly what you can find in the games section, bonus section and – most importantly – any Terms and Conditions that might throw you through a loop unless you know about them.

We sign up to and play at each of the online casinos we test out and recommend – unlike other sites. We do this to ensure that we report on the full playing experience, not just to get you to read our reviews!


With over 100+ years combined of online casino experience alone, the CSNO team really has seen it and done it all when it comes to the industry – we’ve designed the games, we’ve written the content and in-game copy, we’ve designed casino sites, bonus calendars and more.

For this reason, we really feel like we are the group of casino professionals that you should listen to, as we’ve got the inside scoop – and we’re giving it to you.

While other casino sites often outsource their review process to content writers who might not have any online casino experience, all of our reviews are professionally written and scrutinised by most of our team – we really go to great lengths to make sure everything written is factual, honest and will be helpful for you as a player.


Wherever you are in the world, our dedication to your security comes above all.

  • We check for a few security-related protocols at every online casino we look at as a starting point, including –
  • Whether or not there’s SSL encryption across the site
  • The regulatory body and licensing authority for the casino, and how respected these organisations are
  • Problem gambling support, including links to organisations and associated casino Responsible Gambling policy
  • The ability for players to set a deposit limit at a casino’s cashier, as well as the ability to self-exclude from the casino.

We’re only happy as long as our players are happy – and you’re only happy if you know you’re playing at a secure and fair online casino.

Our Mission

The mission is simple: We aim to be the No. 1 online casino resource on the internet that provides in-depth, unbiased and user-friendly reviews of every online casino for existing and potential players.

That’s not that tough to achieve, is it? We don’t think so. Unfortunately, thanks to a range of misinformation, bad casino regulation and generally bad operators in the industry, unsuspecting players can get caught up in a web of issues before they even realise it.

We aim to achieve our mission in the following ways –

  • Providing honest, in-depth and unbiased reviews. Any casino that wants to be reviewed by us is welcome to apply, but that’s as much input as they get. Once we’ve reviewed a casino, we post the review and notify them that it’s live – but if they have an issue with anything we’ve discovered and written in our review it’s for them to deal with (and maybe even fix).
  • Checking for the security protocols, as listed above. If a casino is missing even one of these security protocols, we automatically add it to our casino blacklist, and won’t recommend it to you.
  • Ensuring the casino’s regulation is legit. All regulators aren’t created alike, so we double-check which regulator a casino is licensed by, and then make a decision whether or not to recommend the casino to you, based on how strict we believe the regulating body is.
  • Regularly checking and updating our reviews. Casinos are always updating their bonuses, terms and conditions and more, so it only makes sense that we check in on them from time to time and bring you all of the new details you need to know about. You can also join our CSNO Membership to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these important casino updates.

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